Quality Policy

1. Customer-Oriented 2. Persist in Improvement & Innovation 3. Focus on Professionalism 4. Pursue Quality

We have strictly controlled our production lines and testing equipment, recorded the manufacturing history and processes for each work-piece, established standard parts, and produced various products under our demands for self-improvement. And pass the AS9100 Quality Management Systems and ISO9001:2008 International Certification.

Equipment Name
Coordinate-Measuring Machine Measuring range:1000mm
Brown & Sharpe- Global Performance 7107
Coordinate- Measuring Machine
Brown & Sharpe Inspector 153010
Coordinate- Measuring Machine
HEXAGON 122210
2.5D Image Measuring Instrument
Xiangen tech
Height Performance 2D Measurement System
Mitutoyo LH-600
Various types of calipers, micrometers, and cylinder measuring gauges …………………

The U.S. Brown & Sharpe CMM offers you the flexibility to quickly

measure a wide range of geometries and positional tolerances, and

speeds up your inspection throughput to meet any need for functionality.

The multi-sensor design andcontinuous scanning function make the

three-dimensional use more extensive, and it is suitable for

general first-dimension size and high-precision measurement.

We use CCD lens magnification zoom function to capture images, and then use the optical scale to compare the coordinate-values of the image. Accurately calculate the required coordinate-values or sizes

▲ World-Class Accuracy (1.1+0.6L/600) μm.
▲ Repeatability 0.4μm (2σ).
▲ Ultra High Resolution 0.1μm.
▲ 5 μm Verticality (forward).
▲ 4μm True Straightness.
▲ High-precision X-axis optical ruler ensures repeatable positioning accuracy.

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